Using a combination of technology and services, we want to help merchants cope with ever-increasing e-commerce fraud simply and effectively. Our fraud management service that is integrated with our payment platform, offering our customers comprehensive defence against fraudsters and fraudulent chargebacks.




Our proprietary artificial intelligence AI+ Fraud Detection technology combined with machine learning and highly specialised algorithm is specially designed for e-commerce transactions for various types of payment and industries.

  • Powerful Technology

    Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accurately identify fraudulent activity

  • Fraud Performance Reporting

    Keep track of all your transactions in one place

  • Fraud Parameter Adjustment

    More precise risk rejection with multiple rules and velocity settings

  • Fraud Pattern Recognition

    Predict and profile user’s behavioral pattern

  • Device Fingerprinting

    Fingerprinting system to detect suspicious fraud threats

  • Chargeback Protection

    Reduce your business’s chargeback

Industry-Leading Partners

We are proud to be a partner of Sift, one of the world’s leading companies protecting online transactions from malicious behavior. Founded in 2011, Sift offers an integrated Digital Trust and Safety Suite that uses machine learning to provide sophisticated and scalable risk analysis across the entire journey of an online transaction.



Every merchant deserves the right to be insured against e-commerce fraud just like everyone should be covered by personal insurance policy. We aim to give every merchant an equal chance to be protected.